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Hello! I'm Rococospade, a freelance illustrator with a plushie collection, a growing library, and a small army of cats. Thanks for visiting my virtual lair!**If you'd like to commission me, **
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Monochrome Sketches

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Chibi Classes

Line art and Ink

Anime Shading

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Character Concept

Making ofs, wips, etc

Terms of Service

Before placing a commission request, please read the terms of service. By commissioning the artist (defined here as contacting the artist with a brief, discussing and agreeing to the project scope, and paying the associated invoice or down payment), you the client are agreeing that you have read and agreed to these terms.


⬩ This artist operates by the laws of the United States of America, and the following TOS is written with that in mind.
⬩ You the client are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age by commissioning the artist.
⬩ You the client are agreeing that you have the necessary rights or permissions to commission artwork of any characters/trademarks requested.
⬩You the client are agreeing that you have read and understood these terms of service. If something is unclear, please discuss it with the artist before paying the invoice. Once the invoice is paid, it is understood that the client understands and agrees to these terms.
⬩Any communication between client and artist relating to this commission may be documented for the artist’s personal records and kept for a period of up to six months, for reference and to presented as evidence in the case of a dispute.
⬩ The commission cost covers a custom digital artwork. Upon completion, a digital file of the original working size will be sent to the client. The commission does not include a physical artwork.
⬩ The artist reserves the right to refuse any commission request for any reason.
⬩ The artist reserves the right to stop or cancel a commission without refund due to rude, unprofessional, or abusive behaviour, repeated failure of communication on the client's part, or any breach of these terms of service.


⬩ A visual reference for a character, unless the commission is for a character design or reference. Character sheets are preferred.
⬩If the provided reference is incomplete or missing details vital to the piece, the client is expected to provide supplementary references to cover the missing details. If supplementary references are not provided, the client consents to artistic liberty on the details omitted. Alternatively, the client may provide a written brief and pay for any revisions beyond those included with the base fee, or pay an additional design fee to have the relevant reference created as part of the commission.
⬩ If a character's design is unusually complex as determined by the artist (MMO armours and designs will likely qualify), some details may be simplified or omitted or a complexity charge may be added to the estimate. If you’re not sure whether something qualifies or you’d like to opt for a simplified design, please discuss it with me during the initial brief.


⬩ This terms of service refers to personal use commissions only. For commercial use commissions, please contact the artist for a commercial contract at .
⬩ The artist retains the right to any art created, including rights to display it digitally. Commissions will be displayed on my social media and on my website, and possibly within my physical portfolio.
⬩ The artist retains copyright of the finished artwork. Clients are allowed a nonexclusive right to print and display the work for non-commercial purposes. If a client wants to repost the commission to their social media they must credit the artist.
⬩ Clients are granted a non-exclusive right to save, share and non-commercially distribute work in progress images (wips) or supplementary materials created by the artist for the purposes of their commission after their invoice has been paid in full. If a client wants to post any materials created by the artist for the purposes of the commission to their social media, they must credit the artist.
⬩ If a client uses a personal-use commission for profit (such as selling prints or merchandise) they will be found in violation of these terms and will be blacklisted. They may also be pursued for damages.
⬩ Copyright of depicted characters is not assumed by the artist.
⬩ Commissioned artwork will not be used for prints or other merchandise without the express written permission of the client.
⬩The artist does not offer private (unpublished) commissions at this time. However if requested by the client, the posting of commissions can potentially be scheduled with a reasonable delay before posting, as determined by the artist (typically within one month of work finish).


⬩ USD payment, currently Paypal only. The artist will send you an invoice if your commission is approved. Please DO NOT send the artist money outside of Paypal invoices!
⬩ Full payment is required before a commission will be added to the queue.
⬩ A payment plan can be discussed if the commission's total cost is above $200.
⬩Final images will not be sent until the invoice is paid in full.
⬩If the client consents to a payment plan and needs to delay or miss a payment, the client must reach out and forewarn the artist as soon as possible. If the artist discovers that a client is knowingly truant and did not notify them in advance, the client will be blacklisted.
⬩If a client approves of a final image and then opens a dispute, they will be blacklisted and potentially pursued for damages.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

⬩ Once sketching has begun, only half of the commission cost is refundable. If the commission has progressed beyond the 50% mark for a given piece, the piece is not refundable.
⬩ If the artist has to cancel the commission for personal reasons other than rude or inappropriate behaviour from the client, the cost may be refunded proportionate to the amount of work unfinished (example: half the cost may be refunded if the work is 50% finished at the time of cancellation).
⬩ Refunds will not be offered for in progress or finished pieces the client deems unsatisfying. Please carefully check approval passes and the TOS before commissioning the artist.

Corrections and Revisions

⬩ If a correction is required due to artist error (example: the artist includes a key detail on the sketch stage but forgets to ink it during the next pass) it will not be charged for.
⬩ To qualify as an artist error the detail, colour, etc must be clearly visible on client provided references OR mentioned clearly in the brief. In the case of line art or colour errors, the error must be an omission of something included on the previous approval pass, or something the client could not reasonably predict would be missed (such as incorrect colours when the previous pass was uncoloured).
⬩If you the client do not provide clear references or briefs, you are consenting to artistic liberty on the details omitted.
⬩A clear reference is defined as clearly depicting at medium to high quality, any details which are considered integral to the depiction or design of the character in question. If a character has an asymmetrical design, your reference will be expected to depict both sides of the design.
⬩Colours may be altered from provided references.
⬩A clear brief should include the mood of the piece and any relevant details (character species, build, coloration, personality summary, etc) as well as a note if the artist will be working primarily or totally from description.
⬩The number of thumbnails provided for a piece is dependant on commission complexity, and typically ranges from 1-3 for lower complexity works and 3-5 for higher complexity works. If more than 50% of the image, pose, composition or etc must be changed, it must be clearly communicated by the client during the thumbnailing stage.
⬩ The client is offered three (3) revisions (defined as changing up to 30% of the image per revision) free of charge for art that has not progressed beyond the sketch stage. Please carefully check approval sketches and bundle revision requests.
⬩ Once the sketch has been approved for line art, the three free revisions are only valid for minor changes such as expression changes or colour adjustments if they have not already been used on the sketch stage.
⬩ Revisions can be requested further but will be charged for at the artist's discretion based on size, complexity and estimated work time.
⬩ Due to the nature of character designs and reference sheets, the artist will be in contact regularly with wips and will not charge for revisions unless they require redrawing an excessive amount of the design (excessive in this instance meaning more than 30% of the design.)
⬩ In any case: the artist will not move forward between drawing stages (sketch, ink, flats, shades/final) until the client approves of the design or artwork. By agreeing to an approval pass, you the client agree that the artist has not missed any key details and may proceed with the work progress.

Time and Progress

⬩ In general most commissions can take up to 1-2 months to complete after they have been paid in full. This time can be shorter or longer depending on demand, complexity or outside circumstances*. This is an estimate. Please refer to direct correspondence for a more accurate time-frame
⬩ The artist will do their best to communicate any delays as soon as possible (generally within two business days).
⬩ Commissions are worked on during week days.
⬩ Once work has begun on your commission, the client can expect updates 1-3 times a week.
⬩ Rejected sketches and thumbnails will be recycled into other projects, possibly including original paintings or YCH works. They are not the property of the client and may not be used by the client unless otherwise specified by the artist.
⬩ This artist does not offer speed orders or accept hard deadlines. Best attempts will be made, but there are no guarantees.

Commission & Contact Forms

Commissions open (5 slots available)

Contact me

Check back for more. Current list: bark, gauze/transparent fabric

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take requests?
I don't, but thank you for your interest
Do you take commissions?
Yes, please see "prices" or "contact me" for details
Do you do trades/collabs?
Sometimes! Please reach out if you're not sure. I prefer working with people on a similar skill level for collabs.
What software do you use?
Clip Studio Paint 2.0 and Rebelle. More rarely Blender, Krita, and Corel Painter
What tools do you use?
Watercolour, gouache, graphite powder and pencils... whatever I can get my hands on, really.
Can I use your work in some way?
Commissions are for the client's use only. If you'd like to use one of my illustrations for personal, not-for-profit use (such as a digital wallpaper) please feel free. I am not comfortable with people using my original work for face-claims or RP content.
Can I repost your work?
If you commissioned the piece, please do! Just credit me by linking to social media or this website. If you did not commission a work from me and you'd like to repost it on a site I don't use, you must credit me in the description and link to this site or my socials.
Can I edit your work?
Please contact me before editing my work.
Can I draw a fanart of your work?
Yes! I would love to see it if you do!

Price Guide
Estimates. Actual cost may vary depending on character or commission complexity.

Flat-rate commissions:
$80 watercolour chibi
$120 watercolour half-body
$140 watercolour half-body with background (art nouveau or detailed scenery)
Watercolour commissions are painted digitally in a software emulating real paint; they do not include a physical painting. Simple backgrounds such as colours, shapes or atmospheric effects like mist/rain included in watercolour half-body cost.
Extra characters each cost +100% of the initial commission cost, not including the cost of background.

Commission types:
Commissions can be for half or full bodies, base price listed is for one character unless stated otherwise.
Sketches $50-$75
Ink -- $150-$240
Anime -- $200-$300+
Painted -- $400+
Specialty commissions
Want your OC or blorbo on some one of a kind merch? Pick from these options!
(Note: these prices are the cost of the commission, not printing or shipping. If you'd like me to handle printing and shipping a design to you, please mention it in the brief to discuss price estimates)
Sticker/Keychain -- $80
Standee -- $80-$250 (price varies based on complexity)
Custom body pillow -- $300+ per side
Prices listed are estimates and prone to change at artist discretion without warning. Commission estimates are good for up to one month post discussion.
Additional fees may be added for complexity at artist discretion.
Most commission types include 3 revisions, outlined in the TOS.Design and reference sheets
Billed hourly at $40.
Estimated work time is 3 hours for designs (roughly $120USD) and 8 hours for reference sheets (roughly $320). Additional details or back and forth may be necessary for design and reference commissions; to make the pricing as fair and transparent as possible for both artist and client, the pricing scale is based on hourly rather than flat rates.
Extra characters each cost +100% of the initial commission cost, not including the cost of background. This also applies to costume or nude alternates.Backgrounds:
Simple backgrounds such as flat colors, shapes, or patterns/gradients are included in commission price; complex backgrounds will incur a fee ranging from $25-$100+ with the lower end being natural backgrounds like forest and the higher end being linear perspective or detail heavy environments like a city.
Background cost is included in Anime and Painted commission styles; an additional fee will only be added if the requested environment is especially complex.